{The List}

am a wallflower. Big time. I like to sit by and watch others as they live their lives. But as a wallflower, I've found it becomes easier and easier to fade into the background and live your life vicariously through others. As a Christ-follower, I want to regain my zest for the life the Lord has given me so I can serve others. That's why this last year before I turn 30 is the perfect opportunity to get out and explore, try new things and even be scared a little! There are somethings that I've always wanted to do...

1. Lose 30 lbs.
2. Relocate to Colorado.
3. Leave finger- and toenails unpainted for one month.
4. Go on 3 dates.
5. Make 3 dinners for other people.
6. Write my grandparents letters of appreciation.
7. Get another tattoo.
8. Read one new book every month (see sidebar)
9. Go skinny dipping.
10. Take a dinner cruise.
11. Get a knock-my-socks-off kiss.
12. Go to a shooting range & learn how to shoot a gun.
13. Take a sailboat ride.
14. Go to a professional play.
15. Take the GRE.
16. Visit Yosemite.
17. Do a photo shoot.
18. Meet a celebrity.
19. Stay up all night at least twice.
20. Walk a 5K
21. Start a blog. - DONE!
22. Visit California.
23. Get nose pierced.
24. Dye hair red.
25. Bake once a month and give away what I bake.
26. Take dance lessons
27. Do an acoustic music set
28. Go on a missions trip.
29. Take voice lessons.
30. Hike the Grand Canyon.