Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We're Not A Mystery to You

Remember how I said I wanted to use this blog as an outlet for honesty? Here goes...
Right now I'm scared. I've never been without a job before, and although I've only been in Denver a week, it feels like an eternity. Not having the stability of regular employment is throwing me for a humongous loop. That's why this song has been on continuous playback in my car lately. I love the truths of God's word and God's attributes expressed in it.

When I'm feeling like the world's out of control, I can remember that the Lord is in control. He holds everything together!

When I feel like the Lord hasn't provided everything for me in the time frame that I WANT, I can remember that He has my best interests at heart!

When the loneliness and unfamiliarity of a new place and new people makes my heart ache, I can remember that He loves me and is always with me no matter what!

When I feel like I'm a mystery even to myself, I remember that I'm not a mystery to God - He knows me completely and intimately, and knows the words on my tongue and the thoughts in my head before they even come to fruition!

So even if you're not going through the same things as me, please take the time to listen to this song and remember God's truths along with me.

xoxo Erin

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