Sunday, October 16, 2011

Stop Deferring Your Happiness

This week has been about getting back on track. Setting a daily schedule. Doing things I've put off or just been too afraid/intimidated to do: ie. join a gym. Refocusing.
Today, my "jolly green giant" (6ft 5in, college student, should be a linebacker) cousin posted this link on his Facebook and I just had to share.

To boil it all down, here's what struck me, and I'm basically preaching to myself on these and being brutally honest:

1. Don't defer your happiness. This is a BIG one for me personally. I seem to always say to myself "When I move", "when I have this certain possession" or "when I have this job" then I'll be content. I thougth my life would be complete if I reached the "promised land" of any other state but PA. Now I know (and have always heard said) f you're waiting for that big break, that perfect relationship, that perfect circumstance to make you happy, you'll never be happy. Even if you get all you dreamed of, it still won't fulfill you because you'll always be wishing and dreaming for the next big thing. A personal relationship with Jesus is the only way to true fulfillment.

2. People everywhere want the same things: love, understanding, acceptance, and humanity. Peel away all their ethnic, social, and cultural differences and that's what you have. We're all human, after all. So easy to forget.

3. Possessions tie you down to too many things. Big houses full of expensive but meaningless possessions have a way of draining you of life, adventure and vitality. You lose your freedom to piles of stuff, tons of crushing debt, and mental and emotional turmoil from thinking you have to "keep up with the Joneses. I feel this in my own life and would love to simplify. I love the idea of MINIMALISM and read blogs on this topic frequently: Becoming Minimalist, Miss Minimalist, Zen Habits, and my favorite Be More With Less.

4. Stop watching so much TV and wasting time on the internet. I do this all the time. No wonder it seems hard for me to forge genuine friendships. I'm not brave enough to venture out of my own house to meet new people or experience new things. I live vicariously through awesome but totally unrealistic television characters.

So as this new week begins, these will be the things I will be ruminating on. Simplifying life, logging off the internet, loving others, and trying to find happiness in the moment I'm in and relying on Jesus every step of the way!

(and you never know, I might finally get that tattoo or piercing this weekend!)

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